📒 hedy's public journal

these are just random-but-sometimes-not-random, short, unorganized (but sorted by months) thoughts and whatnot

I started this because I've always wanted to have a very well polished gemlog/blog (and I have started drafting things and creating my site's barebones, kinda), but most of the times I'm just too lazy and I guess microblogging and things like this is much easier when I'm in a hurry (which is the case most of the times for me).

sometimes while writing here I realise I actually have a lot to say, or I have an idea for a gemlog post and will start drafting it too. once done I will (hopefully) link to it correspondingly.

tl;dr: I fill this up with short/medium-sized and quick thoughts -- when I'm lazy or in a rush

I have one tinylog-like format dir for each year as "./<year>/index.gmi" and various highlights for each month are also listed in here.

I am aware of the (wip?) tinylog-rfc[*], but I'd still like to list each entry as separate "days" under corresponding month headers. I believe that this provides a more human-friendly, hierarchical tree of headers, if the client supports it at all. (instead of each entry listed under a header of the full date as suggested in the rfc)

tinylog-rfc (on codeberg)












you might notice that some of the dates don't make sense (like, there were entries before I even signed up for flounder.online or knew about gemini)... well I obviously traced back to my old toots, irc logs, etc to get the old stuff :P