.oOOo.       .oOOo.       .oOOo.       .oOOo. 
     O       O    o            O       O    o 
     o       o    O            o       o    O 
    O'       o    o           O'       o    o 
   O         O    O          O         O    O 
 .O          o    O        .O          o    O 
oOoOoO       `OooO'       oOoOoO       `OooO' 


No! F.

Can't do it as they are released anymore, decided to leave and focus on school assignments... Made a sourcehut repo + project and will add the questions there and work through them at my own pace. I don't frikin care about the leaderboard, maybe next year. (Although they probably should change the leaderboard points thing to start timing from the question page was opened... Nah?)


So far so good! First 3 challenges were pretty easy, did them all in Python.


Advent of Code has started!!!! This is my first ever year of AoC

atm I'm in 2 leaderboards:



found out about lobste.rs[*] and how it was a cooler, better hacker news... it's invite-only and looking at the users tree I could only see one user I've heard of -- from a podcast about a python debugging library...


hanging out in #lobsters on freenode some people were discussing about this gemini thing. this was the first time I heard about this word (apart from the movie Gemini Man), and wow, it's so cool, like the internet is much more than just the web!